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Eric Winterling, Inc. is a costume shop which creates beautiful costumes for a wide spectrum of clients, including those in the motion picture industry, theater, and dance.

The company, started by Eric Winterling over 20 years ago, is one which is well suited to perform numerous services related to the design and construction of costumes. Its reputation for quality and beauty is highly regarded among costume designers, producers, directors, and actors.

Eric began his theatrical career as resident costume designer for The Houston Opera Company. During his tenure at the Opera, Eric realized that his greatest strength was the keen and astute interpretation of the renderings prepared by the designers. This discovery would refocus his career efforts to the construction of the costume rather than the design.

Eric’s depth and breadth of experience, both as a designer and constructor of costumes, engendered the idea of a full service costume shop, directed exclusively by him, which could anticipate and eliminate many of the challenges innate to costuming a production. This vision has been served by the creation of a diverse and talented staff. In addition to constructing the costumes individually, Eric and his associates are prepared to locate materials, provide full service fittings, interface with clients, travel to production locations, create special effects, dye fabrics, as well as prepare and execute tambour hook embroidery and appliqué work on the premises. Eric’s inclusive approach has been very well received by the artistic community which is evidenced by his continually growing clientele.


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